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Building NHS partnerships

For the future of accessible LGBTQ+ care

Digital access to LGBTQ+ specialist clinicians
Population health analytics
Scalable public health capacity
A Digital Corridor to the Future of LGBTQ+ Care

The LGBTQ+ population is growing at a rapid rate, yet the capacity and resources for the NHS and Public Health to deliver sustainable specialist care is at an all time low. Unmet needs quickly evolve into complex problems. Given the fragmentation of queer care today, the problem of LGBTQ+ health inequality for both individuals and healthcare providers isn’t going away anytime soon.

LVNDR offers a unique digital-first solution to deliver specialist LGBTQ+ care, population health analytics, and increased sexual health service capacity for the NHS and Public Health.

LVNDR, your solution to leveling up LGBTQ+ care

Increasing efficiency

Patient ownership of their care with asynchronous medical and sexual histories

Improving choice

Working together to build trust and utilise remote options where appropriate to provide seamless journeys in and out of secondary care sexual health services

Creating Capacity

Empowering diverse communities through digital services to meet demand, reach unmet needs and, overcoming geographical barriers especially for seldom heard voices

Planning for the Future

Enabling population health analytics (core 20+5 and vital 5) to provide tailored care for high-risk & low-resource individuals

Partnering with NHS Trusts and ICSs to deliver impeccable care

As your innovation partner, LVNDR will support your ICS and Trusts to exceed activity levels within SRH departments. We have developed novel pathways to deliver care to patients remotely and give Trusts access to a wider reach and expand our understanding of all corners of population health. Additionally our offering increases capacity and reduces clinic pressures as LVNDR manages patients remotely via our digital clinic.

We’ve kicked off the UK’s first remote PrEP pathway and would be delighted to demonstrate our product, our strong health economics and patient outcomes.

Our partners

NHS Trusts

We provide a digital corridor for secondary care sexual health services to increase their capacity and reduce clinic pressures by managing patients remotely via our digital LVNDR clinic.


We create cost efficiencies in secondary care and support the development of future services with our population health analytics.

Integrated Care Systems

We support scalable population health across geographies to address and enable synergy between providers of LGBTQ+ care services with a focus on increasing access and efficiency.

LGBTQ+ Community

We are designed, driven, and led by the LGBTQ+ community and continue to build a network of LGBTQ+ care providers and changemakers to enable the development of novel interventions with the voice of the community at the centre

LVNDR's Sexual Health Service

LVNDR Clinician Dashboard

For Clinicians & Care Providers

Comprehensive, Seamless & Effective Care
Asynchronous medical and sexual history
Automated clinical support functions
GUMCADv3 reporting capability
Longitudinal population health assessment

Who We Are

LVNDR is the NHS’s digital corridor, on a mission to shape holistic LGBTQ+ healthcare and address key health inequalities. LVNDR is at the forefront of innovation delivering high quality clinical care and improving patient outcomes.

We’re the first and only digital LGBTQ+ healthcare provider regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We have been fortunate to complete the NHS Digital Health London Programme in 2022 and will continue to support the AHSN (Academic Health Science Networks) in building innovation for NHS partners.

At LVNDR we work with testing and laboratory partners who have achieved industry recognised standards and are approved facilities for their clinical delivery.

LVNDR is committed to making
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